Who are we and what do we do?

Nurse owned and driven, Wattletree Health Group are a team of experienced practitioners, passionate about delivering nursing care the way it should be with the highest value placed on the nurse/patient interface.

We recognise that our homes are our haven, so why wouldn’t we want to receive care in our haven.  We also recognise that such community nursing requires experience, expertise and a special presence now that in-home care is on the rise.

Wattletree Health Group nurses, individually have no less than 20 years of nursing experience prior to joining our team.  Our team can draw on this experience to deliver in home nursing care no matter what your needs.

Wattletree Health Group nurses are highly regarded in the community for their:

  • expertise & experience
  • clinical competence
  • problem-solving & critical thinking
  • reassurance & stress-minimization
  • continuity of care
  • flexibility of service hours
  • exclusive & personalized care
  • holistic approach
  • collaboration & case management skills

This is why Wattletree in home nurses are community leaders in the delivery of exceptional expert in-home nursing care.

Based in north-east Melbourne, we offer in-home nursing services in these municipal areas: